1 Carry your Identity Card and Shriveda Distributors Card and do not enter the customer's premises without prior appointment confirmation.

2. The Distributor must, at the very beginning of his interaction with a customer, clearly disclose his identity and the identity, product and service of Shriveda Company.

3. Product quality, prices, credit terms, payment terms, product return terms, product guarantee terms, sales to a customer After-service, offer accurate and complete, explanation and demonstration. So that the customer does not face any kind of trouble due to us.

4. While selling a product to any customer, you must provide the following information, such as

  • * Name of the Distributor, Address, Registration Number or Enrollment Number, Identity Proof and Mobile Number and Unit Details of the Product Selling sure give
  • * Must also give details of the goods or services to be provided to the consumer,
  • * Before transacting with the customer, tell the company's product return rule thoroughly So that if the customer does not like the product, then there is no problem in returning the product.
  • * The total amount to be paid by the customer. GST bill must be paid along with the product
  • * Let the customer know the time and place for sample inspection and product delivery
  • * Cancellation of the order and/or return of the product in salable condition may result in a refund of the full amount of the customer's payment
  • * In case of any problem, give full details of where and how the customer will complain,

5. The distributor must keep the details of the product sold by him in proper books of account as per applicable law.

6. Note: No distributors will do this

  • * Please do not use deception or unfair treatment in business with any person
  • * Please do not bring anyone into your network by misrepresenting sales, income, product, or business plan, any distributor should have genuine conversation with any consumer
  • * Please do not negotiate or make promises with any distributors, which cannot be fulfilled, And don't make an offer that you can't give,
  • * Please do not represent, in a false and/or misleading manner, any benefit of selling the product to any trusted distributors
  • * Please be a distributor or a depot holder, do not sell any product by luring and luring any customer
  • * Please no distributors or depots ask any customer or distributors to take unreasonably large quantity of products
  • * Please no distributors or depots ask any customer or distributors to take unreasonably large quantity of
  • * Please any distributor, give only the product price list, product book, business plan book, given by Shriveda to any consumer, Do not give anything printed from outside,
  • * Kindly no distributor should obstruct any consumer to buy training material or equipment for sale, given by Shriveda