Cancellation & Refund Policy


If any Customer or Distributor wishes to exchange or return the Product for any valid reason, they shall be eligible from the date of purchase of the Product. Can do so within 30 days If so contact Shriveda Branch / Depot Distributor / Franchisee

Distributors ID no means the Customer Unique ID NO maintained with Shriveda for all sales, purchases, transactions, product returns, refunds in respect of the said customer. The trade key point value, bonus, rewards etc. are retained

Point Value ( PV ) means points accrued to the account of the customer against every purchase made from Shriveda depending on which bonus is distributed.

Customer means a person who buys the products offered by Shriveda for personal consumption or for further sale. Delivery Date means the date on which the products were successfully delivered to the customer

Documents In order to return the product to the customer, along with the original online bill, the exchange / return form is required to be filled and deposited with the product at the depot.

Distributors Means an independent customer of Shriveda who buys the products at MRP with discount between 10% - 35%, along with other benefits like being eligible to earn business volume

Product Exchange/Return Form means a form available with the Seller or the Shriveda website which is required to be duly filled and submitted at the time of submitting the products for return.

Purchase date means the date mentioned on the original invoice which was duly filled at the time of making the purchase

Saleable Products Product that is salable Product unopened Product that has not expired be passable to another customer

Seller or depot means any Shriveda Branch/city Distributor/Franchisee/Outlet/Person authorised to market and sell products offered by Shriveda and in case of Dipo orders the Shriveda Branch from where the products were dispatched as mentioned on the invoice

Terms and Conditions To initiate the return / exchange, Associates / Preferred customer must submit the Physical products along with the following documents:

  1. Product Exchange / Return Form
  2. Copy of Invoice
  3. Products to be returned / exchanged

Any customer can initiate the process of returning / exchanging the products by submitting the products to the depot along with the documents from which the products were originally purchased or will deliver the products to the Shriveda branch from where the depot orders the products. The depot will process the exchange or refund as per the request of the customer.In case of any difference in the quantity of products in exchange instances, the customer shall pay an additional amount to the depot, the difference in amount shall be calculated without any deduction from the price of the product presented, it is necessary that the product is being deposited. with the same depot from which they were originally purchased. If the customer has requested for a refund, the entire invoice amount will be refunded, provided the products are being returned in salable condition to the same depot from which the products were originally purchased.In case the customer wishes to deposit the products with any other depot from which the products were originally purchased, the customer shall bear the applicable taxes on such transaction and the same shall be deducted from the refund amount or adjusted against the difference amount . (in matters of exchange)

  1. To return the product, the time will be observed as 30 days from the day you purchased the product
  2. The customer has to personally return the product to the depo
  3. Shriveda's Sale closing is every Tuesday
  4. Customer is entitled to a full refund if the product returns the product before the next closing Tuesday of purchase of the product
  5. If a customer returns the product after closing the sale, then, due to the sale commission of the product . . . being deducted, the amount equal to the Sale PV of that product will be deducted
  6. .The sale pv given to the customer at the time of purchase of the product will be deducted back on return of the product
  7. Sales PV given to the upline at the time of sale of the product will be deducted back on return of the product
  8. If the Product is not in Saleable condition, then return / exchange will be subject to inspection of the products with minimal deduction of applicable taxes required that at the time of inspection the seller is satisfied that the products have not been misused or damaged intentionally


Please keep the bill of the product purchased from Shriveda Depot safe. Because the date of purchase of the product in that bill online bill no / ID no and the name of the customer who purchased the product and Contains detail information of the product purchased by the customer, Which depot did you buy the product from The seal of the depot holder and the signature of the depot holder remain in that bill. You will need to bill at the time of return of product to Shriveda Depot